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How it Works:

VisualPulse Service provides agents that you can deploy directly within in your company’s network or at external locations that represent your user base. Simply download the very small self-extracting VisualPulse Service agent EXE onto any Windows system. The agent is automatically and securely registered to your online service and immediately available for testing. The agents can be configured to conduct RFC-compliant protocol tests on your Web servers, network services and hardware devices like routers, firewalls, etc.

How It Works


VisualPulse Service provides you with:

  • The bi-directional ability to measure quality between remote locations as well as the quality from service to locations.

  • The ability to monitor internal services, such as local Intranet applications, database servers, internal routers, and VPN connections as well as performance data from external agents positioned around the globe.

  • A single, online interface for management of internal and external agents. From the Web interface, you can specify user preferences, configure tests and email alarms, and define reports.

Try before you buy! Register for a no cost trial subscription account. The trial plan includes access to 5 tests and 1 remote agent for a 7-day, no cost trial period.

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