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Network Connectivity
Application Delivery

MySpeed Server

VisualPulse Service continuously gathers and summarizes essential response time and availability data at regular intervals, providing at-a-glance views of your critical network devices and services from any browser. Light-weight, self-installing agents provide a view of application service delivery and network availability from strategic locations you choose!

Web page monitoring -- measure of Web page latency and availability information for text download of web pages

Application port testing -- TCP port monitoring reports the availability of critical TCP/IP services such as SNMP, FTP, POP3 and DNS

Network IP device latency -- continuous ping response reporting provides essential performance measures of network latency

Network IP packet loss -- real-time and historical reports show whether data packets are being lost



  • Deployable agents for a customized monitoring network
    In addition to monitoring your network devices from our service location, VisualPulse Service provides the unique ability to easily download monitoring agents to your own strategic locations. Now you can monitor network availability and performance from key customer locations or strategic network points that make sense to you without needing to acquire or maintain costly management servers. Simply download the very small self-extracting EXE onto any Windows system and the agent is automatically and securely registered to your online service. Learn how it works.
  • Flexible subscription plans put you in control of the monitoring environment
    Choose from a number of popular subscription plans offering a choice of test and remote agent configurations. Change what you monitor, when to monitor and from where you monitor as often as you like to fit your network monitoring requirements. With plans starting as low as $5 per month , there's a configuration for every budget. Before you buy, give it a try with our no-obligation 7-day trial.

  • Web-based reports and administration
    Simplify your network management administration or share information across the enterprise with password-protected remote access via a browser.
  • Real-time and historical reporting
    Real-time reports enable quick identification of whether a performance problem is with the network or the web site, and where the problem is happening. Historical reports provide visibility to performance trends over the the past hour, day, or month.
  • Standardized and customizable reporting
    A variety of standard reports are available for easy reporting, such as an overall summary, last hour, last 24 hours, along with flexible user-defined options for custom reports.

  • Automated notification of excessive latency or system outage
    Global and per-test threshold alerts provide instant notification of unacceptable response times so you can avoid or minimize costly outages. Problem notifications are indicated by e-mail alerts and event logging. Alert Manager helps you avoid false alerts and multiple alerts to the same threshold condition so you can focus on real problems.
  • Exportable data
    Performance data can be easily exported to HTML or TSV format for further analysis.

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